. . . a tired dog is a good dog.
PriWe proudly support NoAnimalLeftBehindNFP.org which offers ......... 
New annual Community Service!!
Titer Clinic
February and March each year
Titer for Distemper, Parvo, and Hepatitis for $20.
Also heartworm test for $20.

Pre-paid appointment (non-refundable) guarantees service for your dog.
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A tired dog is a good dog!
Pets love us!   So will you!
 We cater to four-legged friends like no one else. They're part of your family.  We've built our reputation on providing the canine playground your dog will love. Our Doggie Day Care and Dog Parks are structured to be a safe play for your dog to visit. It's not a business, it's a lifestyle We're crazy about animals: big ones, small ones, even ones that bite. That's why we opened our doors--to serve the type of client we love most. When you bring your dog to play, you'll experience his/her joy before you pull into our driveway. Give your dog the freedom to run! We are ready for anything. This is your opportunity to spend time with your dog freely without worrying about him/her running away or being bullied by another dog. We want to see your dog happy Don't wait another minute. Call for an appointment to tour our facility. We're conveniently located and look forward to seeing you soon!
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